Build your Crypto Portfolio

Build your Crypto Portfolio today profit within hours top instan profit strategyQuite simply you want to see an account grow immediately without the restraints of paying monthly subscription fees, with little experience in trading it is possible.

In this short tutorial I will show you step by step how to make your first trade, buy low and sell high, take your profit within minutes of making the trade.

Watch the video, here I go through all the steps whilst following the written pointers on this page, when you have viewed the video, read and follow/take action on the text, complete each step then repeat, I say repeat as if you are like me then at least 2 or 3 viewings and readings are needed before it begins to make sense.

What I can safely say is that if followed correctly it does work and you WILL be in PROFIT TODAY (within the next 24 hours) or possibly much sooner, 1 hour perhaps 

All accounts listed within this article are FREE to join, there are NO monthly or other subscription hidden fees.

The key is to “TAKE ACTION”


Account Building (AB)

To start building your portfolio and growing it is not as difficult as you may initially believe, what you must consider is that there are minimum amount of cash needed to commence a trade or buy a coin, this does vary dependant on the coin chosen, in this case it is a minimum of approximately $25 USD.

Bare in mind this is your money anyway, just in another currency and you have access to it at anytime so you can withdraw it or save it where it is making money (FREE COINS) for you, your shout.


Day Trading

Watching the charts and determining when a good time to buy and/or sell is, for this we would like to see a lot of movement shown on the chart.

At this moment as has been for several months there isn’t a great amount of movement, as the crypto market slows down with less activity and less volume of trading many traders move away from the more obscure altcoins and trade with the better known coins such as Bitcoin, LTC, ETH, XRP, BCH etc, these tend to have a consistently large volume of trade.


This System

Many traders use this as a side line to their main activities, you could think of it as an executives stress relieving toy, the thing is it does work with positive results.

Follow these steps, some of which you may have already covered, for example you may already have an e-Wallet, I am however going to go through each step from start to finish, they may not apply to some but certainly to the new entrants into this powerful market place.

Buy a coin that has a very low value, these coins generally have a low volume, the ‘Base‘ currency I will use is Bitcoin (BTC) so a majority of pairing trades will have BTC as the base currency [QUOTE CURRENCY]/BTC, the objective is to increase your BTC holdings, all purchase and profits are made via your BTC wallet, if you wish to trade for example using Etherium your trading pair will be [QUOTE CURRENCY]/ETH

  • Your base currency, is the currency you have, when all your positions are closed.

The coin we will first trade with basically drops to the minimum purchase level then rises from there, this happens regularly, so what is happening is the price of the coin goes as low as it can, this is determined by the limit amount of coins you can BUY, rises in value a spike, many traders SELL at this point and hence the value drops, this happens surprisingly often, expect at least currently 1 or 2 spikes per day.



Finding a low value/volume coin is easy, recognising if it actively being traded up and down as well as having longevity is another very important point.

I am using example coins that I am currently using, so that part of the equation is done for you.

Now you have a coin to trade with buy it low and sell high, this can be repeated, often more than twice a day, the excitement of trading these particular coins I am using and listing here is that they peak with regularity, there is a reasonable amount of movement.

The range in the peak can be 2% to 10% or higher, sell anywhere above 1% and you are in profit, remember any profit is a success.

The exchange we will be using for our trades does not have a commission fee appended, they as all brokers make there money by taking the spread (difference between the ASK & BUY price).

Be aware of the percentage spread when doing a trade, this will have to be calculated into your selling price to ensure you make a profit, using the coins I suggest here will cover all costs (spread) and ensure a profit if operated correctly, do not get emotional and frantically sell because of a minor dip, get in and get out as quickly as you can, remember a profit in any trade is a success.


Your e-Wallet

This is where purchase and hold your Bitcoins with your fiat money, USD, GBP, Euro etc.

Although as with many e-Wallets they do have an exchange where you can trade, the limit is usually around 8 different coins.

Also it is worth noting that some e-Wallets are limited to particular countries for verification purposes, this is why it is important to use an e-Wallet provider that can be verified from your country.

Being verified means that you are not limited in the services you can use, most importantly withdrawing funds, you could find yourself in a situation where you have made a successful deposit but cannot access those fund for withdrawal purpose, I always stress the importance of getting accounts verified.


Philippines #1 Choice BTC/PHP eWallet coinsph bitcoin php no bank account cash atmThis is one of the most well known e-Wallet providers however please note that they are limited to USA and some European countries including UK for verification purposes.

start crypto trading now get ewallet


CEX.IO eWallet crypto exchange service providerLesser known but very popular and stable, I personally started using this when I moved from the UK to the Philippines and I wanted an e-Wallet that was not limited to particular countries , indeed it is available globally for verification purposes.

I have specifically chosen these two e-Wallet providers as BTC purchases are immediate using a debit or credit card, bank wires can also be activated.

start crypto trading now get ewallet

The Exchange

cOBINOOD btc/cob CRYPTO TRADING EXCHANGE BUIL PORTFOLIO FAST GET IN PROFIT TODAYNow you have your e-Wallet setup and verified with a positive balance of Bitcoin (BTC), get the exchange setup and transfer your BTC from your e-Wallet to the BTC exchange wallet.

The signup link is at the
top right of the page


The Coins to Trade

Now you have the COBINHOOD exchange activated you will see that they have their own coin COB, this will be the coin we will firstly trade with, the trading pair is COB/BTC. You should go to your profile settings and ensure that the switch to pay fees using COB is ON.

Now DO NOT be to hasty and BUY COB immediately, as long as you have available BTC in your exchange wallet ready to BUY COB coins that is all you need at this moment.

Put in an order to BUY when a specific price is met, this is a LIMIT order, so DO NOT BUY at the current MARKET price.

“OK but what LIMIT price should I put in?” You do need a bit of experience to determine this, it is about reading the information and graphs. The first place to be looking is the order book for this coin, you will see it is listed in a ladder format in a column to to right of the graph, here you will see the BUY & SELL orders that have been made, when the are successfully placed they will drop of this list, that is all determined by the brokers on the exchange you are using.

The BUY orders at the top of the BUY ORDER column is a good indication of what price to set your LIMIT ORDER at.

Here is a screenshot of the Order Book in the COBINHOOD exchange, the arrow points at someones BUY order indicating the BUY LIMIT price you could use.


COBINHOOD exchange order book and limit buy sell cob coin


“Now let me show you a visual explanation of an actual trade I have started using the pair COB/BTC as described above.”

Part 1 – The Trades

watch video ShKooP with Chris Thomas

Part 2 – The Results

“I made several deals as you know from the first video, one of these deals closed with a 10% profit within minutes.

I entered into a new deal with a Limit placed to BUY more COB, this is compounding my earnings, now just waiting for other deals to close.

Oh yes I have already successfully purchased some other coins, I’ll continue to BUY & SELL and when the BTC balance has doubled I will withdraw half of the profits to SPEND


Same Exchange Try Other Coins

It may take a few readings and watching of videos but when you see it working it is not difficult at all, “well done”

I am only suggesting you try these coins, they do work for me at this moment and I am regularly searching for new coins to work with, you could look at the following, I trade a few hundred USD after my initial trade or tester for $20 to $30 USD dependant on any minimum limits imposed.

Try pairing:

COB/BTC (if you followed this trade should be active)

Trading COB/CMT is another pair that is popular on this site. If you feel inclined to try trading and combining other pairs try this pair first.


Other better known pairs include:


These are however higher in value but the trading volume is regularly high.


Remember this is very much a numbers game, fortunately these days we have many informative charts displaying this data, the charts do not predict the future as they need source data from what has happened to display a possible indication of where the market is heading.

View and study charts and look out for patterns, view the charts over a long period such as a year, this way you can see the general trend of a given market, if it is steadily going up or down with spikes and activity between each marked movement.

Bookmark this page for your reference and if you have any questions please contact me. A good thing to do would be to subscribe to my youtube channel and also search for other TIP’s given out by fellow traders and subscribe to their channel(s).

“Happy Trading”

Build your Crypto Portfolio today profit within hours top instan profit strategy

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