“Your system should give you a way to generate leads and follow up with them automatically.”

A great looking capture page is a MUST in today’s market place.

If you’re using a company site, you’ll notice that they’ll advertise the company name on the site which means they don’t have to opt-in (if they even offer a capture page) to find out what company you’re promoting the site and they won’t let you MASK the domain to hide the company name.

This means YOU WON’T KNOW when they’ve visited your site and many will search online for more information.

In many cases this means they find “Leaders” with deep pockets that will promote themselves on pay per click advertising for the very purpose of recruiting prospects that are “Looking around”.


Prospects that Opt-in tend to stay with you because they have given you their contact info AND they begin receiving emails with YOUR contact information and website link.

Using professional capture pages allow you to get MORE opt-ins because the prospect can’t tell what company you’re promoting by looking at the capture page or the URL. With our capture pages you’ll never lose leads to other reps due to revealing your opportunity or product BEFORE they opt-in.

Don’t lose your hard earned traffic to other reps advertising online. Use your site to GET THEIR INFO so you can follow up!

“The money is in the follow up!”

A visual of the system in short




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