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Trading and/or Transferring currency World Wide, using preferred merchant account, investment and marketing on-line solutions. To effectively operate your business globally the correct merchant and trading accounts are required. ShKooP recommends trading accounts for currency trading & global merchandising.


Merchant Account

Many merchant accounts have high associated fees, this is why many on-line businesses offer the option of using SolidTrustPay and/or Payza as a preferred processor.

To remain an active on-line marketer at the top of the tree choose SolidTrustPay & Payza, now make sure you have your bank account(s) and card(s) verified.

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Payza Merchant Account

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Marketers have both active to be positioned for NOW & the FUTURE.

Currency Trading

Individuals send money abroad using Forex not just businesses. You have personal bank accounts abroad or wish to transfer funds to friends and family abroad, to avoid extortionate bank fees transfer at the best current currency rate with no commission charges using Forex.

Transferring funds abroad the bright way makes you a smart Currency Trader.


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